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Shin Tights

Posted by Craig Jenner on 7/29/2016
Shin Tights have been around for several years and serve two main purposes:

     1. They keep your shin pads in place and reduce the need for tape or elastics.
     2. They prevent that embarrassing look when your pant legs get caught in the back of your skates.

Viceroy was the original manufacturer and continues to offer the Viceroy Shin Tight in both the SR and SR+ (for larger legs and calves) models.  

Recently several other companies have introduced their models, all accomplishing the two purposes.  Combat and PG Sports are the two versions carries in addition to Viceroy.  Both are established Canadian sporting goods manufacturers.

A new twist on the traditional shin tights was introduced by Hogan Hockey that features a "cut-resistant" panel on the back to help eliminate cuts to the calf and Achilles tendon, two areas that are traditionally left unprotected on officials.  Force is also introducing a "cut resistant" model scheduled to be available for the 2016-7 season. has all these products in stock for immediate shipment.